My First Time Using A Tampon

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I began the journey of change from girl to woman in a boarding house full of hormonal teenage girls. Together we experienced the same transformations in our bodies, minds, and souls, we were becoming women. Thanks to the hormones in particular we shouted, fought, cried and hugged, usually in that exact order.

As we grew up we sang and laughed together as we fell asleep under the same roof each night. We wrote long letters to each other, talked about boys in great detail and wished for the day we would fall in love. Every detail of our womanhood was discussed and analysed as we grew and tried to understand what was happening inside of us.

I had a close bunch of friends at the time and one of them, the ballsiest and the leader of our small clan, was the one to suggest I start using tampons. In those days most of the girls including myself used pads, which were eventually deemed gross, messy and uncomfortable. I remember waking up in the middle of the night and having to change my sheet and my underwear, and sometimes even my pyjamas, because I had messed all over my bed. This occurrence was mortifying for me, even though I was surrounded by other girls having the exact same experience.

My mother had never mentioned tampons, or suggested I begin using them, so I was completely oblivious to their existence, until I started boarding school that is. This Alpha Female friend of mine, after becoming aware of my predicament, was adamant that I was going to learn to use them. So it was one afternoon that she pulled me along to our bathroom, with a pink tampon box in hand, to explain how these contraptions worked. She pulled out the little instruction sheet and opened the page up to show me the picture. I remember feeling extremely shy and embarrassed, as I realised I would have to stick the little thing up with my finger. I was scared it was going to hurt and that it would get stuck and never come out. I thought, “what if it gets stuck and someone else has to take it out?”

After giving me her best version of a pep talk, I finally took one out of the box and locked myself in one of the toilets, with my friend standing close outside for encouragement.  With a one quick movement the tampon was in place, and feeling slightly uncomfortable, I waddled out of the bathroom.

I felt liberated and in charge that day, having faced the unknown and come out a woman. I have used tampons ever since and never looked back. Every now and then I think back on that first time and I have a good chuckle at the whole experience am reminded just how important it is to have girlfriends.

13 thoughts on “My First Time Using A Tampon

  1. Gal!!! i thought you never use them things!!! anyway, different strokes for different folks:-) your writing is so vivid, u make me laugh.


  2. the first time I used a tampon my body literally “expelled” it and it was the most uncomfortable and painful thing in the world – so sadly I had to use pads for all of my teenage years and only first used a tampon when I was 20 as I was adamant I didn’t want to go to a friend’s 21st birthday with an uncomfortable pad. What I didn’t know, but also had some amazing friends who saw me through it, was when you go to the bathroom you dont need to change it every time and you choose when to take it out or keep it in. Suffice to say in a somewhat drunken moment, needing to “break the seal” I ran to my friend Ca and whispered urgently that I needed the bathroom but didn’t have any tampons. She smiled at me and explained that I could go to the bathroom and didnt need to yet change my tampon as it had only been about 2 hours. Dud. Thank heavens for great friends! I have also never looked back 🙂


  3. That’s great to hear that menstruation and feminine hygiene is an opportunity for women to bond! It’s unfortunate us guys don’t have anything like that to bring us together… Sometimes it is just downright hard for some girls to use tampons as a result of inner fear about the unknown or because they receive too much external pressure such as a mother or female guardian.

    I know from experience, my god-sister has had issues with her mom not allowing her to use tampons. If they’re found in her room, they take it away. I bought her some smaller and “less obvious” O.B. tampons which she could hide in crevices in her room, but still her mom ended up finding out only because the regular pad supplies weren’t being dwindled. It is too bad some older fashion moms or those highly influenced by culture do not look kindly on tampons. I think tampons offer a great supplement or even for some, replacement of using pads and it’s ashamed that especially in Asian culture that mothers shelter their daughters from the idea of using tampons. With the use of minimal absorbency and proper changes (and for sanitation sake anyways), one can reduce the worry of TSS and make tampons a viable menstrual hygiene product indeed!


  4. Oh my days. I can totally relate to this. When I first started getting my period it was so irregular and I never planned ahead so it would just start at the most inopportune times…like on a school trip to the Orange River. My best friend was my confidant and fortunately is more of a forward thinker than myself and gave me a dreaded tampon – I was like WTF, how do I use this thing?! She talked me through the process and I never looked back.


  5. hi people… ive got this problem kinda thing a while ago. my girl friend wants me to take out her tampon and put a new one in… im not grossed out but im worried. what if i take it wrong or what i put it in wrong and what if i use too much force… we havent had sex yet or anything so this is the first time i will ever see a vagina and im worried… i already told her i would when she asked but the more i think about it the worse it gets. not only will it be my first time even seeing one but i have to remove and insert things!!! i dont even know when id have to do this so she could call me any second and tell me to do it. it would be very helpful if someone would reply telling me what to do…


  6. Hi I show horses and it’s almost show season and my mom says I can’t use tampons for a year after I start my period. I started in January and it’s march only three months I have the first show of my year the 17th and I’m afraid of riding my horse with a pad cause shows go on for like 8 hours and u have to change a pad every 4-6 hours. There are no real bathrooms just portapots and the horse trailer how do I ask my mom to use tampons at shows? I’m also afraid it will be uncomfortable to ride with a pad and I won’t be able to show as well please give advice to talk to my mom thanks:)


  7. A lot of women can’t get anything in. Unfortunately I don’t have much advice about this specifically because I’ve never really used tampons, even since my problems with vaginismus stopped. I’ve been thinking about trying a menstrual cup but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.


    how to use tampons


  8. My first period happened in the middle of my family’s how-manyeth move and everything was packed away in boxes. After half an hour of frantically searching alone I told both my mom and dad, who were looking at me at the same time, what I needed. :/


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