We are told all day, every day, to be unhappy with the body we have, and to want a thinner and more athletic looking one. This problematic discourse or message leads many of us to hate the body we’re in without considering what that means for our own power. We must not be afraid of the space we take up – and we must be able to love ourselves before we can truly live. This quote below is one that inspires me when I’m feeling bigger or smaller or weaker or shorter or lumpier than I’d like to.

“As young feminists, we must place unconditional acceptance of our bodies at the top of our political agenda. We must claim our bodies as our own to love and honour in their infinite shapes and sizes. Fat, thin, soft, hard, puckered, smooth, our bodies are our homes. By nourishing our bodies, we care for and love ourselves on the most basic level. When we deny ourselves physical food, we go hungry emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and politically.

We must challenge ourselves to eat and digest, and allow society to call us too big.

We will understand their message to mean too powerful.”

Abra Fortune Chernik