The First Time I Knew What Family Meant

Family. A word that holds each person’s past, present and future in a strangling grasp. The people who are inescapable, infuriating and annoyingly impossible to live without are all complexly wrapped up into this single word.

So how do you begin to define this word: family?  A group of people who are blood related? Or could it possibly be every person who has ever influenced your decisions, actions or beliefs? Everyday I come into contact with a group of crazy, opinionated, aggravating and…incredible people anyone would have the privilege of meeting. These people are simply labeled as: best friends.

How do you call the people who have played a part in shaping you into the person you’ve become simply as friends? The girls I have come to share my heart with, everyday, may never be genetically similar to me but they will always be my sisters, my partners in crime and part of my…family.

Image from MPH photography

Life comes at you full steam ahead and when you’ve fallen on the tracks the ones who will be there jumping in front of the train, to help you up, may not share blood with you but may share memories, first time experiences and sometimes, even a toothbrush with you. Some of these “family members” may not be able to go the full journey with you but the effects many of them have on your soul will be everlasting just like the effects your blood family have on you everyday.

I love my beautiful besties, because without them life would be even more difficult. No one would be there passing you the tissues when you’re having “one of those days” or protecting you from the jerk who broke your heart.

So maybe family is a word that is even more complex than anyone could ever have imagined. Maybe family is a word that tries to show the people who we owe the most to just how much of our hearts’ they hold in the palm of their hands.

My friends show me what I can’t find alone, they hold up my dreams just to remind me what I’ve been striving for and every tear I cry they cry with me and every step I stumble they show me the map I’ve been trying to follow. My family are the angels God knew I couldn’t live without.

Image Taken By Barbara H

2 thoughts on “The First Time I Knew What Family Meant

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