Every time I read a story from a survivor of abuse or violence I am amazed at their poise or power. I read an amazing quote and thought that I’d dedicate this to all women who read this blog. You are a survivor of a world that says you’ll always be second best. I encourage you to raise your fists in the air and tell the world that this is not true.

“…there are forces in the world that can take away women’s rights. They can invalidate our love, beat us down, rape us, make up our minds for us. These forces insist that all strong women only undermine men, and that all lesbians hate men altogether. They insist that if we’re beautiful, we must be stupid, and if we don’t take extreme measures to stop their rape, then we are to blame.

A lot can be taken away from a woman. A lot can be done to break her. Fear is a disease, and hatred and violence are the symptoms.

There are those who wish to crush us, defeat us. But we must not, we will not grant their wishes. Together, all women must rise up. We must take our stand in unity and power. Raise our voices against the darkness. Then, instead of being crushed, we will stand strong. Instead of being defeated, we will be victorious. We will conquer hate.

I will never forget these facts. I will never for an instant doubt. Because through the fear, the hatred and the violence, we are indeed standing strong in our victory. We are surviving.”

-Jennifer Di Marco