Summer Bubbles Via papertissue

There is so much fear about talking to young girls about sexuality. Words like slut, hypersexual and worse are thrown about easily – because female sexuality has been silenced over and over again. It’s time to start talking about it and stop keeping quiet about what’s going on in our bedrooms. Women need to talk about sex so that they can find a way to find the sex that they would like to have, whether it is with themselves, or a partner. I read this quote below and just loved it. It gets right down to the crux of the matter.

“..the question is not whether young women are going to have sex, for this is far beyond any parental or societal control. The question is rather, what do young women need to make sex a dynamic, affirming, safe and pleasurable part of our lives?”

– Rebecca Walker

Today, go out and talk about sex.