The First Time I Could Give a Simple Answer to a Complex Question

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It’s pretty easy to lose sight of the things that ARE beautiful in you. Your knobbly knees, flabby arms or a gap in your teeth always seem to cast a shadow over your glossy hair, blue eyes or friendly smile. But are we really those shiny, plastic people?

You know that awkward stage that every woman goes through? The one where it feels like a spotlight is illuminating your every flaw? Well my awkward stage lasted a pretty long time. I shied away from any form of attention and the only place I felt 100% comfortable was in my room. Behind a closed door no one could see the gap in my teeth, my spotty skin and my absolute hate for myself and everything that made me, well me.

Somewhere between then and now I had to realise that my friendly smile made up for the gap in my teeth and that maybe my physical appearance doesn’t define me but just diversifies me from other generic qualities. The way I look, the way anyone looks, isn’t what makes each person special. A talent for writing, art or maybe dancing makes you special.

Five years ago, if someone asked me who I was, I didn’t have an answer. My excuse was “I’m too young to know that” and I guess that could still be my excuse. The truth is that, although the question is complex, the answer should be simple. It is something each of us know we are but some how between the day we are born and the day we die we forget the answer.

Only recently, in a desperate search for a matric dance date, did I begin to think how I would answer that question, – “who am I?” Let’s just say my ego took a few knocks when I realised that I in fact had no one to ask. No one. I began questioning myself and the reasons for why that could be. Am I too ugly? Am I too shy? Am I just not good enough?

The questions went round and round. But then the question that I should have been asking all along, popped into my head. Who am I? I answered the question after a lot of thinking and analysing of myself. And when I did it all fell into place. I’m happy with who I am because of my answer and I’m proud of every women who has also realised the same thing about themselves.

My simple answer: I am beautiful. And you are too.

P.S I found a matric dance date.

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