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Female ejaculation. I knew it existed. I had read about it, even seen it on some dodgy late night sex show. None of this prepared me for it happening to me. I was freaked out. I was grossed out. (It didn’t help that the very first time I ejaculated was at my boyfriend’s parents’ house!)

Inspecting the ‘wet patch’, I was reassured that I hadn’t just peed myself – the liquid was clear and odourless. I was still freaked out. My partner was also in awe of it, albiet in a much more positive way – I think he finds it quite fascinating and exotic.

Ejaculating, to me, feels completely different to a ‘standard’ orgasm (is there such a thing?). Whilst the latter is a hard, pulsing sensation, the former is more of a physical release – a warm giving-in to pleasure and what your body is demanding of you. I prefer a normal orgasm, I find it much more earth-shattering.

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I wonder if this is purely because I’m not used to ejaculating yet – I’ve only ‘squirted’ a handful of times and it still shocks me. Researching the matter is of no real use – there has been such little research done on the subject and you can read a myriad of different theories, descriptions and causes in one sitting. Some claim it never happens, other dispute when it happens – during orgasm or before. Most of the information out there seems to be based on anecdotal testimony – which considering how one would research such a matter, should maybe be looked into more rather than dismissed as unscientific.

Indeed, considering how much research has been done and how well understood the male ejaculation is, it’s a bit shocking (but perhaps not surprising) that so little is known for sure about the female version – especially in the highly sexed world we live in. Perhaps if there was more known about it and it was more talked about, women like me wouldn’t be so freaked out when it happens.

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Back to my experiences of it – I am completely in awe of my body’s ability to do such a thing, even though I don’t fully understand why and how. However, I think that I have some way to go before I can embrace it wholeheartedly and enjoy it thoroughly. Thankfully I have a lifetime of sexual escapades ahead of me to find out!