The First Time My Father Left

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I was born on the 25th of May back in 1989 and I thought, if not believed, that I would be the happiest girl on this planet. But little did I know that I would end up being brought-up by my one and only single proud, beautiful mother.

My so called `father` was around in my upbringing and still it did not make any difference, since he never had any impact in my life. I`ve always seen him a statue if not a living ghost. I`ve always wished for a normal family life, with a normal father figure, bedtime stories, outings to the zoo, but most of all, knowing my father.

My desire was to know everything to know about him, his favourite meal, books, colour, his dreams, passion, personal experience mean everything! And yes, it was only a dream, if not a nightmare.

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Okay, then one day, it must have been the day after Christmas. Oh Yeah, it definitely was 2007 and guess what? My father vanished on the surface of this planet, (earth) I suppose. He left my mom devastated, heartbroken, depressed, indebted and yes, with four `kiddies`; but it doesn`t matter that much because three of us are grown-ups.

But really what father leaves without saying goodbye to his wife, not to mention his children? What kind of a father leaves without looking back for some evidence? Well, mine did. And yes it does hurt and no it doesn`t. It`s just crazy how things worked out for my family, not to mention `myself` and today I’m better without one.

2 thoughts on “The First Time My Father Left

  1. I have been thinking about this story for a while, but have been unsure of what to say. You haven’t really told us why you think he left. But I also feel like everything I say will just be a cliche. But I guess I will say it anyway: sometimes people are not equipped to be parents and they would rather leave than admit defeat. That is not an indication of something that is wrong with you. The reasons for leaving could have a psychological basis – or a historical basis. You might never find out. But do not be bitter about it. Just because he is your father, it doesn’t mean that you should feel any emotional responsibility towards him. Don’t let your anger define you – continue fighting to be a better, stronger person.


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