The First Time I Decided To Care More

I was watching Ghosts of Girlfriends Past recently and at the end of the movie, the character who found himself incapable of loving anyone, including himself, made a speech at his brother’s wedding which showed true insight into relationships and the games we play in them.  He said:

“The power in all relationships lies with whoever cares less.  But
power isn’t happiness and happiness comes from caring more about people rather than less.”

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That got me thinking. Ultimately, we are responsible for our own
happiness.  The submission of our true longing and happiness in order to realise what is only potential will never work. The potential has to be recognised and then realised by both parties. The endeavours of only one party to achieve that potential will never succeed. Until then, it is intangible and lost before it even begins.

The realisation of this is just one step along the way to achieving
the maturity and self respect to recognise when this is happening and the strength of character to walk away, despite that potential, before too much of yourself is invested in something intangible.

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Caring more is not something to be afraid, or ashamed of.  It shows a willingness to live life to the full and to share everything that this
world has to offer with someone special and with those people you love and cherish.

I am someone who cares more, who finds it difficult to walk away when I care more but who has learned that sometimes it is the only thing to do.  It opens me up to welcoming other people who have the strength of character to care more, into my life and allow a fulfilling relationship to develop.

I hope one day that you allow yourself to care more, to take the risks that love requires, to allow yourself to be vulnerable to and with someone special.  Then you will experience love and life like you never have before.

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One thought on “The First Time I Decided To Care More

  1. This just described exactly how I am feeling at the moment… I care more about a friend than he obviously cares about me, and this gives him the power in our relationship, because he has the power to hurt and disappoint me… It isn’t easy to walk away though…


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