The First Time I Shaved My Legs

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When I got to the age where I was embarrassed of my hairy legs and wanted to start shaving like all the other girls at school, my mom point blank refused to let me take a razor to my legs. She said I would come to regret it when I was her age, still shaving forty years later, with the hairs coming back thicker and blacker than each time before. So, she booked me an appointment at the beauty salon and off I went for my first wax.

I hated it! It was so painful – especially the back of my knee – and I was left with bright red splotchy legs for a few days. Then I would have to wait 3 weeks to a month to go again, so that the hairs would be long enough. But the stage that the hairs are long enough to be waxed again, is about 2 weeks too long for my tolerance of hairy legs, and I hated every second of it.

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So, I took matters into my own hands. My mom bought me a fresh pack of disposable razors one day, because I was still allowed to use those to shave my underarms. That night I took the razor to my legs. I was sick of the pain, the splotches and the hairiness. Somehow I thought my mom would never find out that I was secretly shaving my legs. So off I went, shaving for the first time.

But, having never shaved before, it was more like butchering than shaving. I still don’t know how I managed to do it but I gouged a chunk out of my right shin. I still have the scars. It bled and bled until I thought I could bleed no more. This too I thought I would be able to hide from my mom. I applied pressure until the bleeding subsided and then layered on the plasters. The ‘cut’ was probably about 5cm’s long, so it really took a lot of plasters.But, moms always find out everything and it didn’t take long in this case because the plasters stuck out from the bottom of my pyjama pants.

My mom was furious that I hadn’t spoken to her first, but I went unpunished because she figured the pain I was in from slicing open my leg was punishment enough. She never did make me wax again, and she bought me a decent razor. But, she was also right – I hate having to shave all the time.

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