My First Time Was Natural

In many non-verbal ways we’d been planning it for a few days. Despite us both being virgins, and despite us only dating for a few months, the idea was natural. One night we went up to his room, after a few glasses of dutch-courage and began kissing.

It’s funny, because in the movies it had always seemed awkward, uncomfortable, with a lot of umming and aahhing about where things fitted, asking how ready each of you were, and lots of pauses to gaze into one another’s eyes in affirmation. For us, there was no awkwardness. The music was cheesy, but memorable. The lights were dim but bright enough to see. There were no pauses. We didn’t need verbal affirmation. There was so much love. The whole thing flowed as if it had always been happening.

The next day I couldn’t stop smiling. The best thing was that when I saw him later that day, he couldn’t stop smiling either.

Image from flickr

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