The First Time I Realised I Needed A New Job

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The first time I realized I needed a new job did not happen suddenly.  I am by nature a person who does not like change.. if things are going well and I’m comfortable I will rarely make the first move to change it.  It doesn’t happen overnight.. but over a period of time where you see things and realize that it doesn’t matter how ‘nice’ a person is or how much you like them.. you need to make a change in your job in order to be happy.

I have been employed in my first job for about 4 years now.  It is comfortable for me; I live down the street, we are quite informal, I can wear jeans to work, have flexible hours where I can take a drive to the mall anytime and get a great amount of study leave.  I get a basic and thereafter receive commission when I make my targets. I say ‘when’ and not ‘if’ because I always make my targets. I have no choice – without commission I would barely survive the month.

My boss is fun and easy going most of the time. However just around the time salaries go through and the commission needs to be sorted out, my boss takes on a different persona.  A mixture of stress, impatience, annoyance and sometimes complete states of panic.  Will there be enough money to pay salaries? She becomes a bit frantic and in an emotional plea, asks us to bring in the money outstanding from our clients.

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I have come to realize that there is and always should be money to pay salaries. However whether it is still available come month end is a different story. During the month my colleagues and I witness frivolous spending and fancy items being bought for the house and the boss. (Our offices are joined to the mansion that is the boss’s house).  We don’t comment or suggest getting a normal kettle instead of the R800 Russell Hobbes.  We don’t mention that we do not need the designer coffee set or imported bar fridge for our office. We don’t gasp in shock when we see the delivery of up market couches and luxurious carpets being hauled in through the front door.  Instead, we see it all and secretly wish that we too could live like this.. but alas, don’t say anything! That’s the boss!

As much as I have enjoyed the lunches and the fantastic birthday presents I would rather know I am getting the money I deserve each month, be able to put aside a proper pension for myself and  save up to go to the exotic locations I dream about.  I realize it will be a huge leap out of my comfort zone. It may mean relocating, stricter working hours, becoming corporate and having to wear heels (ouch!) every day.

But  yes.. the time has come. I need to stand up, and go for what I deserve. Wish me luck!

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2 thoughts on “The First Time I Realised I Needed A New Job

  1. Good luck! Sounds like you really do need a change.
    I recently changed jobs because I wasn’t happy at my old one anymore. Luckily I landed what had previously been my ‘dream job’. Unfortunately it has meant that I’ve had to completely change my life in order to accommodate this new job. Its been really really tough – and not only one me.
    So while the job rocks, I’m still deciding if its all been worth it…


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