The First Time I Wore Make-Up

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The first time I wore make up, boys made fun of me

Girls glared at me

My mother was concerned yet proud I was emulating her

My sisters congratulated me because I was a growing girl.


I was only 12 years old without a blemish on my face.

I still wonder why I did it because I really didn’t need to.

I still don’t need to wear make up, I am sufficient as I am.

Though I enjoy the comments I get when I wear red lipstick…

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DIVA! Look at you!

Your lipstick suits you

I like your lipstick

Your lipstick is the perfect colour for your skin

Do you have red lipstick on?

I like your lipstick, very brave!

Unxibe ilipstick!nam ndiyayifuna! (You’re wearing lipstick, I also want to)…Miss! Isukile! (Oh no!It’s come off)

I’m gonna get mine out, you inspire me!

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