My First Letter To My Younger Self

Dear Me,

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You’ve always believed that pleasing people is more important than your own happiness, for a long time you’ve cared what people think, you’ve allowed that to rule your life. Through this you’ve allowed yourself to belong in a box that they put you in, afraid to get out of that box because of what they would think. You have for a long time been afraid to say what you think, rather telling people only what they want to hear. What you don’t realize is that it’s not necessary for you to care what people think. You will realize this and get yourself out of that box; it will be difficult because it’s new to you. Your new found freedom will empower you; however it will also lead to you making some mistakes, whose consequences will prove too much to bear. You will find strength in God and in friends and move on with your life.

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You’ve always had this constant fear of suffering, of not getting ahead in life, that you would always be dependent on other people, a fear that made you believe you will never find a job. Well guess what, you got that first job and you were happy, though only for a while. At this job you will be the timid, loyal employee that you believe you have to be. This will lead to you being treated in an unfavourable fashion and belittled. Don’t despair because in time you will realize that you do not deserve to be treated in such a manner. You will realize that you are worth more than they believe you to be and you will leave that job. You will finally get to a job that is completely different from what you did. This job will allow you to let go of your timid self. Through this job you will allow your voice to be heard. You will speak up when you see injustice in your way, you will speak up, not only on your behalf but that of your workmates you feel need to be supported.

You will grow as an individual, getting to know yourself better as you go along and realize that there is still so much you need to learn.

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6 thoughts on “My First Letter To My Younger Self

  1. This could be me. As the younger self that is. Slowly I have noticed, now that I am in my second job, I am also finding my voice. I’ve always been quite opinionated but quite scared to put it on paper or ‘debate’ about it purely because I dislike conflict and feeling uncomfortable in having to justify my opinions. I do hope it gets better with time as I get the impression it has for you. Thank you so much for sharing.


  2. @ I can Relate – Thanx for reading and glad to know you relate. It definitely gets better with time, Just because we are a certain way at one given time doesn’t mean we have to remain that way, it’s okay to change if you feel it’s for the best. Not everyone will appreciate that change but if it builds YOU then they will just have to deal with it…

    @ Sunshine – 🙂


  3. Thanks for sharing,I too can relate hey. I have grappled with worrying about what others think of me for years.I would even go to extents of asking them directly,what their opinion of me was of me. Crazy,I know. Gradually,I am getting better at not caring what people think about me. It is an awful impediment I tell you. The minute you stop worrying and caring about what others think,you feel free and honest to yourself. Wow,it’s amazing how others can heal just by sharing their thoughts,feelings and emotions. Thanks once again.


  4. @ Sheshi – My pleasure and thanx for reading and understanding. As women we feel this constant gaze, on our bodies, what we say, what we do, such that we second guess everything we do and it’s freeing and empowering when we are able to let go of that.


  5. I think , questioning ourselves, is apart of the human condition, its easier to do that, than to accept and embrace our individuality. Slowly but sure I am continuing to find my voice.

    I too agree and to quote ‘I can relate’… “This is me, the younger self that is…”


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