The First Time I Got a New Job

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The traffic. It was always going to be the traffic that drove me off the edge. And one Tuesday morning, a month into an internship where I was doing a job that did not require much brain activity. It happened.

I was sitting in my sister’s car, in morning N1 traffic heading towards Johannesburg when I decided I could not do it anymore.

I would not waste my life spending four hours in traffic just to get to and from work (Pretoria to Joburg), only to do a job that did not really fascinate.

That morning in traffic was the first time I decided that I need to move to another city.

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And I did. Three months later I was in the Western Cape living in a small conservative town, working with passionate people who loved what they did and every single day was challenging because I had no idea what I was doing half the time.

Every single day on my job was the first time. Every place I went was my first time there and every experience was unique. I did a 180 degree shift, left the city life for a small town and that was the best decision I ever made.

It got lonely at times, living in a place where you don’t speak the language well, people spoke Xhosa or Afrikaans and sometimes a lot got lost in translation as we were all not English speakers.

But I was still in a new town, with new people, in a challenging job and far far away from the N1 traffic. I had left my comfort zone (free food, accommodation, transport to work at home) and I had dived head first into a new environment and it changed my whole perspective on life. I now complain less about things like traffic, or people because I now know, I can always leave .

4 thoughts on “The First Time I Got a New Job

  1. I’ve often thought about this. A crap job in a place you know isn’t something desirable, because then your whole life is routine. A crap job in a place you don’t know is something great though, because everything around the job is new and there’s no routine in a life where you’re constantly being met with new experiences. No routine means less boredom. Eventually you can even get bored of having no routine though.


  2. This is so inspiring, I am currently doing what I love but it all comes down ot being paid less for it because I did not study for it, I am told my salary would increase with my experience of which I think it’ bullshit.


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