The first time I touched a penis

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I was 19 years old. It sounds like I was a late bloomer; on the contrary I was not.  I was very aware of my sexuality.  I read about sex and knew everything about it, well except for the actual act.

I was in my first year of university and decided to take a bus to Grahamstown to visit a friend during the holidays. I remember sitting by the window at the Midrand station waiting to pick up people. I looked out and there was one person who caught my eye. He was tall, slim, with blondish brown hair and extremely blue eyes.  As the new passengers came on board, I continued to read my novel.  The bus started and as we drove out I put my book down and looked up to find the blue eyed boy sitting across the aisle from me in the same row. We made eye contact and he smiled, I smiled back and got a tingly feeling in my tummy.

As the bus drove on to Joburg station we got to chatting… found out we had so much in common. For some reason it was so easy talking to this guy, we discussed everything and anything. Nothing sounded strange or embarrassing; we were open and honest and laughed the whole way to Joburg.  At Joburg station our bus had to pick up more passengers. Many new people came on and this time the bus was full; the driver told us we now had to sit in our actual assigned seat as per our ticket.  I picked up my bag and made my way to my allocated seat a few rows back.  Next thing I know Mr. Blue Eyes is right behind me and I turn to ask, “Where are you sitting?”  He showed me his ticket, “NO way”, I said. His assigned seat was the one next to me. We were convinced this was fate and shared a smile.

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It seemed Fate wanted to have a bit more fun because our bus was then delayed for about 4 hours. We were told to get off the bus and wait in the vicinity. The two of us sat outside the bus and the hours literally flew past.. by the time the bus was ready it was dark and many people hopped on just to fall asleep.

Neither of us fell asleep. Instead we began to kiss, slowly and it was absolutely delicious. I remember the feelings of excitement and thinking to myself, “what am I doing!” We were sharing a blanket and not sure how we managed to do so but my jeans inched down and his zipper became undone.  His fingers were gentle at first and then sensing how much I was enjoying it, began to rub against me quicker and eventually were inside me. I was on cloud 9.. and then realized, ‘oh, I am supposed to touch him too.’

My arm reached to the side and I started touching his penis lightly with my fingers. It was hard and yet the softest skin I have ever felt! I knew what I was supposed to do from movies and magazines, so I gave it my best shot, so to speak. Whatever I was doing was working because the kisses became a bit more fervent and I could see he was trying not to make any untoward noises at the back of the bus.  He came, it was hot and sticky on my hand and thankfully Blue Eyes had a tissue for me.  Even though I had just met him, the situation didn’t feel sleazy and in fact it was one of the most exhilarating moments of my life.  We stayed up chatting the whole long drive to the Eastern Cape. His stop was before mine, he promised to keep in contact with a flurry of kisses and a tight hug.

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A few hours later I received an sms from him, we stayed in touch for a few years after that.. nothing serious just friends who had shared a moment  and a ‘first time’ for me on a Greyhound.

8 thoughts on “The first time I touched a penis

  1. Reminds me, we finished matric and went to a week long camp afterwards. I met a girl at the camp. Unfortunately we only met the second last day before we were supposed to leave so not a lot of time to get to know each other, but we enjoyed each others company. We haven’t kissed or anything else up to the point when we were supposed to leave, but we did sit next to each other on the way back. She was wearing jeans, and my hand rested on her thigh. As the journey progressed I inched my way higher, until I felt the spot between her legs(through her jeans). She covered up with a small blacket she had. I played with her until we arrived. She didn’t touch back(she was very shy and a virgin) but this was one of the most memorable experiences of my young life. That was the era before e-mail & cellphones so we never kept contact, wonder where she is today (I’d like to think she still remembers)….


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