The First Time I Allowed Nature to Take Care of Me

I am at my best when surrounded by nature. It’s more than a yearning, but rather a space in which my inner turmoil subsides and my heart’s calm is restored. It is here where the very essence of my being is free from the strife that my cancer diagnosis introduced.

As the initial shock and dismay wore off after my diagnosis in 2008, it was replaced by a fury; an anger that burned deep in me, fuelled by the memory of my mother’s dying struggle with this insidious disease. My recent qualification in tourism, a road that I had long wanted to travel, was abruptly halted as depression wrapped its debilitating branches around my soul. I drew upon even deeper reserves, relying on the love and support of my partner, family and friends, as well as an inner strength that grows stronger every day.

As challenging as this determined disease is, Mother Nature continues to inspire me through her power and vast peaceful influence. Chemotherapy threatened to penetrate my light, but I chose to remain true to watching the beautiful shifting sands of nature, displayed articulately through the unconditional love offered to me by my loyal pets.  Every day I continue to greet my world with strength and resolve. I fought, and continue to fight, and with a renewed trust in my doctors and in myself – this tourist is bare-footed and skipping down a new tree-lined path.

Lorna Thomson

This story appears at part of the Moments in Time project. Moments in Time features specially selected cancer patients with different forms of cancers; all from different backgrounds, who have opened themselves up to the lens of the camera. The project is a visual expression of the fruits of the Human Spirit and irresistibly captures: “hope in the face of despair”, “passion in the face of pain”, “joy in the face of sadness”, and “power in the face of vulnerability”. Each year a range of calendars and diaries are produced to inspire others and celebrate these ambassadors. Read more stories at

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