The first time I realized I do want a boyfriend

I went out with my ex-boyfriend for almost 4 years. We were both studying in university and when I finished and got a job, we were still going strong. We looked good together. He was a bit taller than me, had a hot muscular body and a laugh and smile that could charm anyone. I was a confident and happy chick who adored him.  We got through hurdles such as being of different races, different religions, different countries. It seemed we could get through anything.

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Anything….except distance.  As these things do, it ended. He went back to his country and even though we had discussed marriage, it took a few months of the ‘long distance relationship’ for him to decide it was not going to work. I was heartbroken and in a way I still am. It has been 3 years and in this time I have gone through stages of not thinking about him for weeks.. and then it will come back to me after someone mentions his name and I have to give myself a mental kick “do not let this get to you, smile, put on a happy face!” I say to myself.

In these 3 years I have not really met anyone that has sparked my interest. I have standards and will not settle for less! I don’t like South African men. I want a non smoker.  He cannot be racist. I like tall, dark and handsome. He has to have good teeth. He has to be older than me.

My goodness!! What have I been doing to myself? In order to avoid getting hurt again I have put up all these conditions which I really do believe in and hope to find one day.. but in the interim I have been alone!

Not alone, per say.. I have always had awesome friends and am so busy living my life that I haven’t longed or felt I neeeeed a boyfriend.  I am happy single and will never be one of those girls who think life only starts once they are part of a couple.

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Yet for some odd reason about a month ago I started noticing couples everywhere! Maybe the holiday season had something to do with it, but people were holding hands and glowing everywhere I looked.  Friends were getting married or engaged, love was in the air. I realized I do miss having someone in my life… the rush you get when their name pops up on your phone, the butterflies in your tummy and other silly but fun things. As much as I hate the sound of it I am ready to admit it: I do want a boyfriend!

I suppose it was inevitable.  And it’s perfect timing since we are now at the beginning of a year and I’ve always liked the idea that a new year is a new chance to live your life the way you want as well as the possibility that anything can happen!

So I have decided to put away my prerequisites and just be open to whatever and more importantly whoever comes my way in 2011!

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