The First Time I Tried Drugs

On Saturday i tried MDMA and cocaine for the first time!
Scary stuff! I’d like to blame the space i am in my head at the moment, but i think secretly I’ve always wanted to. I am a smoker and do have the odd couple of drinks, but i wouldnt say i have an addictive personality at all. My views on drugs have always been that i’m not interested in them. they’ve never really apealed to me. I have smoked weed a few times and honestly HATE it. I hate the feeling of being high and not being able to come down. I also act like a complete loser when i’m high because i giggle for hours and eventually just pass out. GREAT HIGH PERSON.

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Saturday, we’d been out having a serious party. I had, had far too much to drink but was still up for anything. We tried greenside and by the time we got there everything was closed so off to another club. We walked around having a look scanning the area. Having a little jam on the different dance floors! We decided to go upstairs to the minimal floor, standing ordering a drink. this guy came up to me. Not a creep or anything. A short scotish guy.
he complimented me, on what i have no idea because i was looking a bit worse for wear! next thing his 2 mates arrived and my friend X and i stood talking. After some small talk they asked if we would be keen to take MDMA with them. Being the virgin in the situation i glanced at X, funny enough earlier we had been talking about taking drugs and X knows a lot about, she was on them for a bit and also dated a guy fr ages that had a drug problem, X said she didnt mind and if i wanted to try we could. So we agreed, gave our new friend the money and stood waiting. he was gone for about 10min and came back with a couple of white capsules. X and i went into the bathroom, broke the capsule in half and each took half. The taste was DISGUSTING. Very bitter.

It took 15minutes and i was suddenly feeling amazing! Didnt notice anyone else around, barely heard the music. just felt like i could dance for ages! amazing amzing time. i cant really describe it better than i have, just because it almost seems like a blur. at about 7ish we decided to leave. i was still buzzing and felt amazing! X drove us to our new friends house and we sat on the varanda and spoke crap. Next thing a plate was bought out. I’ve seem cocaine once before this time, in a bankie. X told me she was going to take a line and that there was no pressure. the first couple of times i sat and watched but then decided i wanted to try. So i did. took a baby line. As i’m not all that clued up, i didnt really know how i should feel. but i felt like i had LOADS of energy! i could not stop talking. for about an hour i sat talking the biggest loads of nonsense. and then the come down hit. This is the reason i will never do it again! NEVER have i ever felt so ill. X dropped me home, i literally got straight into bed. i slept for about 3hours. I woke up, my pupils were huge. i could not stop shaking. i felt nauseous. i couldnt eat, couldnt sleep. nothing just could not function at all. i sat on my bed and just cried.

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What I was crying about who knows! eventually i manged to fall asleep. I can not tell u how relieved i felt this morning. no shaking, no huge eyes. Even weirder was that i havent slept for longer than 3 hours since Saturday morning and i’m fine. Still high? hope not. I know i will never do cocaine again. it doesnt feel nice, dont even know if it feels like anything. MDMA i’d like to say i wont take again, I know that it was amazing but i prefer being drunk, so maybe that’ll stop me the next time. looking back, i’m glad i did it, try everyone once and all that, but i know i could never tell my friends! So i guess its between X and I.

One thought on “The First Time I Tried Drugs

  1. Best you don’t… Drugs can really mess with you. But I am a little jealous that you were brave enough to do that. I have always been a straight edge good girl… Never even smoked. Have gotten tipsy though. That’s about it….


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