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I received incredible news last night. I applied for a grant from the US Embassy and the Young African Women Leaders Forum to host writing workshops for young girls around South Africa, and I found out last night that I was successful.

So in 2012 I will be working with some of the other incredible women I met at the YAWLF in 2011 and we will be holding workshops for at least 100 young women between the ages of 11 and 16 around SA. The workshops will focus on ‘first time’ stories, but will also hopefully equip young women to get their thoughts on paper, and start writing for themselves in their mother tongue.

The location of these workshops will depend on the partnerships that I can build in schools around SA, and on the availability of other YAWL members to help. The first workshops should happen in December/January 2011/2012. It’s all very exciting!

There is the opportunity for you to help out. We have a small budget for things like refreshments, and venue hire, but we are open to partnering with organisations, and with women around SA. If you would like to offer assistance, goodie bags, or know someone who might be keen, let me and them know! Women24 has already offered to partner with us, so that is thrilling.

Or, if you would like to assist in planning the workshops, or providing venues, or have anything that you think would make it all work more smoothly, please let me know via

You can also help the project to keep growing stronger by sending in your stories about your first time experiences, whatever they are, and by reading others and supporting them.

Thanks to the US Embassy we will all be able to make a change here, and I’m so proud of all the people who have sent in their stories so far and shared with us. Thank you!