My First Time With Her

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The time had come; or rather the time had long arrived and has patiently awaited me. Finally I was ready; I felt ready and wanted nothing more than to give her a round. Yes, I was ready to express the same love I’ve been spoilt with for over a month. I do know that loving someone comes naturally, yet I found myself in constant hesitation and held back. Love and affection flowed in me but I felt I was too much an amateur to express such a detailed and intimate act. She on the other hand has had her fair share; and she was skilled in her gestures and brought heaven to earth with her tongue. I may not have any to compare her with but I strongly believe no one is above her loving…she gave good loving and as everything begins with a kiss, that is where I began.

Soft gentle kisses that lingered much longer on her delicious neck as goose bumps crept and overtook her warm skin. It must have been her heavy breathing behind my ear because I wanted her! A sudden deep need overcame me and I had no care but to pleasure her. Her soft moans drove me insane and I felt myself go deeper; her belly furiously quivered as I ran my tongue down to her belly button. She heaved and tightened her grip on my shoulder as I reached her lower parts; I thought I heard her murmur a prayer and briefly I prayed too. I prayed that my love be more than enough, I prayed that I complete her and most importantly I prayed that we become one.

I proceeded to kiss her inner thighs and could smell her arousing deliciousness, and in my mind were only thoughts of love. I wanted to express my love to her, and to make her feel as special as she makes me feel so I tasted her, her wet and sticky lips welcomed mine with a longing. I kissed her even more, much deeper, longer and detailed this time. Her hand rested on my head, and with my tongue I penetrated and made love to her. She came soon and intensely,her body loosened and when I looked in her eyes she was to me the most beautiful soul.

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I rested next to her enjoying the simple pleasure of being in her presence, the  room was still and peaceful. After what seemed like an hour she turned to face me. ‘How do you feel?’, she asked. How did I feel? I honestly didn’t know but I had no regrets. Everything felt right and to me what was important above all was that she was satisfied. ‘The same way you do’ was my response.

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