The My First Time first women’s writing workshop

Sir Juice – Delish!

On the 21st of September the very first My First Time women’s writing workshop was held at UCT. It was a dark and stormy morning, but thirteen brave women came to work on their personal stories and to meet other women writers. We also had two guests – Colleen Higgs of Modjaji books and Pam Sykes who is a Digital Storyteller extra-ordinaire.

Pam Sykes – – Photographs by Retha Ferguson and Sarah Schafer
Colleen Higgs – Modjaji Books – Photographs by Retha Ferguson and Sarah Schafer

We had a few great sponsors of food and drink including Bean There Coffee, Sir Juice, My T Chai. I think all of us can agree it wouldn’t have been the same without them. The lunch time snack was a veggie wrap from Mango Ginger – amazing woman-owned, women run business in Observatory, CT. Go there! Thanks also must go to the African Gender Institute that allowed us to use their venue for nothing.

Each participant got a donation of My T Chai, a notebook and pen

The final sponsor who must be thanked is the Young African Women Leaders grant program of the US Embassy in South Africa. Without their grant we never would have been able to have a workshop.

What this workshop made me remember was that telling your story can seem really difficult, but if you just give yourself some time, some great tea and coffee, and a nice notebook, you’ll get there.

To check out all the photographs taken by Retha Ferguson and Sarah Kate Schafer click here

Thanks to all of the women who braved the rain and came out that day. I had a really great time.


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