The My First Time project has been running since April 2010, inviting stories from women about their significant first time experiences.

Women’s stories have never been more important. In a world that will silence our experiences, both positive and negative, we need to speak loudly and clearly. Our stories can offer comfort and support to other women going through difficult times, or inspire women to greater heights. Our stories tell other women that it is OK to speak, and that until they are ready, we are here to support them.

Our stories help tell other women that they are not alone, that someone has been there, that we have survived. Our stories say that women are important, that women have a place in the world, and that we will never surrender.

So send in your personal, true, first time story, on any experience you’ve had that was significant to you.

Send your story as follows:

  • Put it in a word document, double-spaced, in a readable font (no jiggly bits, or curly whorls)
  • Send it to
  • If you haven’t heard back in two weeks, follow up.

All of the readers and writers of My First Time look forward to reading your story.